Events and PR

For some years now East Production has worked for companies and organisations. We offer to take full responsibility for preparing and running the AV part of annual meetings, congresses, conferences, presentations or events. We produce live and can transmit signals to any destination. This could be live to a news programme or a different part of the same event some place else in the world. WE can also produce directly to Web or DVD.

During a conference production – this could be a giant screen production with Power Point, graphic illustrations etc – our SNG technology allows us 2 way communication between different cities or countries. It could be recording a conference speaker who lives in the USA and transmit the signal live to some lace in Europe, where the participants can listen, pose questions and get answers. In the same way events, company presentations and marketing can be tied together across country boarders by giant screens, TV recordings and SNG trucks for the transmission.

East Production can deliver a complete solution consisting of design and scenography, technical setup and running, including lighting and sound. We offer counsel and quote on any type of production.