DNK 47

DNK 47 is among the leading production SNG trucks in Europe.

It solves smaller OB tasks with up to five Triax cameras, one remote camera, one cable free camera, eight external signals, four tape recorders, six channel EVS (2 remotes) and a text generator. It is fitted with five work stations but can also be handled by one man for uplink tasks or a traditional live SNG. Communication has been prioritized and the van easily handles multiple earpiece circuits and IFB lines from the client MCR.

DNK 47 is redundant and has considerable transmission power with two 400 Watt HPAs. It is also possible to send two signals simultaneously – on the same satellite with the same polarity. The van would typically be followed by a support car with all neccesary accesseries for the production.
There is a generator on board, so you can supply your own power. Also, a spare motorised dish for off air reception has been fitted.


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