DNK 83

A genuine HD uplink/TOC, with great flexibility: Up and Down linking of multiple signals simultaneously, prepared for handling extra equipment like EVS, camera, cable free camera etc. The van was made for working in the international production scene.

It is fitted with three work stations but can also be handled by one man for uplink tasks or a traditional live transmission. Communication has been prioritised and the truck easily handles multiple earpiece circuits and IFB lines from the client MCR.

The truck is redundant and has major transmission power with its two 750 Watt HPAs. Also it can transmit multiple signals simultaneously, like 1 x 36 MHz HD + 1 x 9MHz SD / 1 x 27 Mhz HD + 2 x 9MHz SD / 4 x 9 Mhz SD.

Further, it can receive 10 satellite signals. All equipment and cabling in the car is HD.

The truck is fitted with a generator which can power all euipment and also a UPS kit is fitted on the more vital equipment in the truck, so that you can continue transmitting for some minutes, until an alternative supply has been established.

Also, a spare motorised dish has been fitted for receiving from an external satellite.


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